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Haqihana Multicolour Harness

Haqihana Multicolour Harness

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The quality of all components, all produced in Europe, combines our most important requisites: non toxicity, hypoallergenic, sustainability, toughness and durability.

The artisanal manufacturing, with extreme attention given to all details, is carried out entirely in our Italian inhouse workshop by our specialized artisans.

The fittings, the relative sizing of the parts and their positioning on the dog’s body are designed to ensure maximum comfort in any situation.

When the dog tugs, pulls or needs to be held back, the pressure applied by the leash is directed exclusively on the sternum, then on the chest and finally on the skeleton. This distribution avoids any pain, any sense of constriction, any rubbing or tension on the skin, any restriction of movement or any other discomfort.

The two connection buckles and their positioning allow for a quick and easy fitting and removal of the harness, without hassle for both dog and owner.


The artisanal manufacturing pays great attention to every detail. All the parts are assembled with safety stitching. The folds that are in contact with the skin are finished with a special stitching designed to avoid scratches and rubbing, even in dogs with short or clipped hair.


The accurate study and development of the sizing and the five-point adjusting system ensure an excellent fit and adaptability of the harness to the specific dimensions and proportions of the dog.


Our webbing is produced in Italy on our exclusive design, using only high tenacity Nylon-6, spun dyed. This requirement allows us to achieve the maximum color uniformity and fa-stness. The unique characteristics of Nylon, such as its softness, its excellent strength/weight ratio, its resistance to abrasion and its chemical and biological stability make this fiber particularly suitable for the production of harnesses and leashes. Moreover, Nylon is completely recyclable, which is the basis of our products ecosustainability.


All metal components are made specifically on our design and are produced in AISI-304 stainless steel that does not release Nickel, hence it is hypoallergenic in accordance with the relevant European directives.

Buckles & Loops:

These are made of acetal resin (POM), a material with high mechanical strength and excellent impact resistance even in extreme conditions. To guarantee safety and comfort, the shapes are rounded and have no sharp edges.


After a lengthy and extremely thorough research process, our new tags encapsulate the concept of quality combined with the respect for the environment. Our tags are now produced from recycled paper and vegetable fibers: 100% sustainable, Oekotex certified, Vegan Friendly.

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