6 Ways To Manage Ageing Dogs

Like humans, dogs grow old. As they grow old, they tend to develop problems not too dissimilar to those of old people, like hip dysplasia, arthritis, and a host of other problems like inflammation of the joints, stiffness and having trouble even walking. There is an emotional angle attached as well, as we do not like to see our dogs suffering through so much distress.
Thus, here, we would like to showcase some alternative, myth-busting solutions, supplements and companions to make your dog (and you) feel lively and effervescent again!


1. Orthopaedic Pet Bed

We are talking about Henry Hottie’s Australian made thermally bonded, eco-friendly, recyclable fibre mattress that cossets your furry friend to a healthy, exceptionally comfortable road to recovery.

A mattress that not only is the only pet bed in the world where the cover is GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), but made of that luscious yet sturdy, robust and eco-friendly fibre, assuring you and your furry partner find the harmony that was never lost!

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2. Deer Velvet Supplement

Move over synthetic, potentially harmful supplements for dogs. Here is a purely natural supplement guaranteed to make your dog as young as a sprightly pup. Due to the various, yes, we mean various, purely natural ingredients proven to be effective in over 2000 years of research on this super supplement. Hip dysplasia, arthritis and injuries are all alleviated as your dog’s cells will naturally speed up the healing process.








Deer velvet contains extremely vital and rare ingredients like Omega 3, glucosamine, chondroitin, amino acid, iron, magnesium and a lot of others to speed up the recovery process. Get your dog jumping up and down back again, just like thousands of other dogs across the world benefiting from the same.

What are you waiting for, order now! https://pawsavenue.sg/collections/imperial-pet-co/products/deer-velvet-supplement/


3. Augustine’s SuperBoost Certified Organic Supplement

We humans are not the only ones with creaky joints which get worse as we get older. Much like cars which age, dogs (And cats, even the athletic kind!), struggle without supplements to keep them going, affecting their movement as we observe all too painfully.

At the same time, are you worried that supplements carry the risk of negatively affecting a dog due to a bunch of chemicals we have no idea about?

We were too, but here is Augustine’s SuperBoost Certified Organic Supplement to save the day! You read it right, organic, made entirely for whole foods, and specifically for canines. Ingredients so good, even you can have them for consumption. We can attest to the fact that it goes along great in addition to your smoothies. It will give your canines that much-needed oil to feel fresh again. This is all you need for a satisfied woof, trust us!

Click on the link to know more:



4. GREEN EGGS - Natural Joint Support

Dogs need as much attention as humans do, and of course, they make sure of it. But as they grow older, the cute, hilarious attention-seeking nature gives way to old age, creaky joints and a crestfallen comrade flushed out of energy.

Wondering how to give your comrade a lift? Try taking a look at our natural joint support box of joy, Green Eggs. Made especially keeping senior dogs in mind, it is made of just 4 natural ingredients, all anti-inflammatory, and none of the harmful prescription-NSAIDs that have adverse side effects.

Don’t believe us?  Have a look at the video!

(Click on image for video)

As you see it, all natural.

Reduces inflammation and pain and keeps the dog-tor away. Here is where to see more: https://pawsavenue.sg/collections/four-leaf-rover/products/green-eggs-natural-joint-support


5. Gentle Massage Blend for Mutts and Meows

Aromatherapy for humans is increasingly growing popular, with a lot of advantages compared to traditional methods of coping with pain. For an old dog, this may well be the difference between chalk and cheese.

As we know, the olfactory system of a dog is 40 times more sensitive compared to humans, and even though it reduces with age, their sense of smell is what may spike their cute ears up once again. Suitable for dogs under 10KG, and for cats as well.

For more information on the ingredients and how to buy, you can head on over to: https://pawsavenue.sg/collections/natural-vets/products/gentle-massage-blend-for-mutts-meows

We are not kidding, there is a way to caress your dog into a realm of peace and enjoy with your dog at the same time!

6. Hydrotherapy

We would like to introduce a whole new way to keep your paw-partner happy: Hydro Paws Plus, a place where you can grant your furry friend a new lease in life. First of its kind in Singapore, one-one-sessions are conducted with a certified therapist for your dog, in a pool heated to just about the precise temperature so that your dog is detoxified and cured of inflammation eventually.

From a St. Bernard to a chihuahua, dogs of all sizes are welcome here, and hydrotherapy, the established water-based treatment is used to treat your dogs and make them recover from injuries such as spinal-cord accidents, hip dysplasia etc.

All in all, a comprehensive and extensive overhaul of your dog’s agility, weight, muscle mass and even confidence!

For more, visit: https://hydropawsplus.com/