Snuffle Burger
Snuffle Burger

Snuffle Burger

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Does your pup love plush toys that squeak, rustle and nose work activity? If the answer is yes, then this snuffle burger is a must-have. This  4-in-1 Yummy Cheeseburger has a squeaky top bun, crisp lettuce and cheddar cheese that rustle and 2 nose work pockets in the beef patty and bottom bun to hide your pupper's favourite treats, making this one of the best-selling Studio Ollie Paris toys!

- Best-selling Studio Ollie Paris toy
- 4-in-1 interactive game
- Squeak – top burger bun
- Rustle – lettuce and cheese
- Beef patty and bottom bun - nose work
- You can also hide treats between the bun and ingredients
- Bun and ingredients are easily separated and put together with attached Velcro
- Recommended for small dogs, medium size dogs and gentle giants

Product measurements
14cm x 14cm x 17cm