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Multi-Snuffle Giant Candy

Multi-Snuffle Giant Candy

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Do you know - dogs have taste buds that react to sweet treats just as humans do?

Dogs have around 1,700 taste buds in their mouth and tongue as compared to humans who have roughly 9,000 taste buds. So the next time you find your dog eyeing that chocolate bar and any other sweet treats, give them this healthful Giant Candy snuffle toy! With 8 snuffle pockets and one wide compartment, you can stuff a variety of wholesome dog treats in there for your dog to sniff them out. The rustling sound effect is a bonus for pups who love toys that rustle! 

- Multi-snuffle toy
- 8 small nose work pockets
- 1 wide nose pocket
- Rustle sound effect
- Recommended for small dogs, medium size dogs and gentle giants

Product measurements
36cm x 14.5cm x 6.5cm 

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