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Move2Win Strategy Game

Move2Win Strategy Game

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Remember the last time you had a mentally exhausting day at work and all you wanted to do when you got home was to rest and relax? Well, the same holds true with your dog. Channel their energy and curiosity into something positive with Trixie Dog Activity games. Strategy games provide significant mental stimulation for dogs. It requires patience and concentration, making it an excellent outlet to expend your dog's energy positively. Like the saying goes "good things come to those who hustle", Fido will be rewarded with plentiful treats when it opens the various compartments correctly! 

- Level 3 activity
- A challenging game for pros: by opening the drawers with the help of the loops and by pushing the slider the dog gets the treats
- Boardgame comes with two cones-shaped covers and various indentations and drawers
- Use the cones as stoppers to increase the level of difficulty
- Non-slip due to rubber base ring
- Please see training instructions included with photos
- Product is compliant with Animal Welfare under § 18 (AT)

Product size and measurements
34cm x 23cm x 7cm

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