The Golden Bone Bakery
Made in Australia pet treats! All of our treats are 100% free of added salt, sugar, soy, corn, preservatives and chemicals. 

The Golden Bone Bakery

Beef Hoof filled with Kangaroo Meat
Does your dog enjoy chewing? Are you concerned that most bones you give can splinter and put your dog into...
Healthy Fish Treats – Fish Crispies
Is your dog a lover of crispy FISH TREATS? Then you should try out our NEW healthy Fish Crispies. Made...
Smokey Cattle Ears
A fantastic crunchy treat for doggies who love hanging around BBQ’s waiting to catch some tasty goodies. Our Smokey Cattle...
Golden Bone Chicken Crispies
4 Flavour Mix Healthy Dog Treats
Can’t decide what flavour you would like to try out or your dog just loves them all? Then the 4...