Loyalty Pet Treats

Loyalty Pet Treats is a decade old company that is built on honesty and integrity. We are a 100% Australian owned & operated pet treat manufacturing company.


Loyalty Pet Treats is the only pet treat manufacturing company in Australia with its unique exclusive advanced dehydration technology. Using controlled refrigeration, coupled with our patented Nutrieseal™ system, we dehydrate pure lean meat at low humidity and low temperatures and produce premium quality treats every time.


The Nutrieseal™ system is designed for dehydrating food products: meats, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit at low temperatures. This would ensure the full nutritional value, natural flavours and aromas are preserved, unlike other normal moisture extraction techniques such as air drying, oven baking, smoking, or various forms of cooking.


We have created a range of low fat, nutrient dense treats full of naturally occurring vitamins & minerals.


We guarantee there is no other treat that has our qualities for nutrition, flavour and aroma

Loyalty Pet Treats

LPT Green Lipped Mussels
Our Green Lipped Mussels are amazing! The flood of positive feedback from happy fur kids and parents is a true...
LPT Lamb Chunks
Their taste buds really slip into overdrive when they get a whiff of our Loyalty Pet Treats Nutrieseal™ processed Australian...
LPT Lamb Liver
Our lamb liver morsels are thin, crispy, and mouth wateringly delicious! These Australian grass fed lamb liver treats are easy...
LPT Kangaroo Steak
Kangaroos are the ultimate free-range animals which forage over extensive pastoral areas in Australia and are harvested in their own...
LPT Dental Roo Rib
Each regular box contains 150g of double and triple cut roo ribs in varying sizes. The mini box contains 50g...
LPT Shark Cartilage
We use our unique Nutrieseal™ process to dehydrate pure 100% Shark Cartilage at low temperatures and humidity thereby preserving the nutritional...
LPT Ahi Tuna
Natural healthy low fat pet treat, perfect for dogs that have pancreatitis or are over weight. Cats love tuna as...
LPT Beef Liver
Mother Nature designed pets to thrive on liver.  Our beef liver is thin and crispy, and is an exceptionally nutrient-dense...
LPT Lamb Fillets
Their taste buds really slip into overdrive when they get a whiff of our Loyalty Pet Treats Nutrieseal™ processed Australian...
LPT Duck Foie Gras
This treat is so yummy that even the fussiest dog or cats love it! The aroma of our Australian duck...
LPT Dental Roo Chew
Made from 100% pure lean kangaroo meat which are sustainably sourced,  Roo Chew promotes healthier gums and improved oral hygiene...
LPT Beef Chunks
Nothing but beef, single ingredient Australian grass fed beef! The beauty of this treat is that you have the nutrition,...
LPT Chicken Breast
Chicken is a rich source of a variety of essential nutrients & vitamins, which assist in strengthening the immune system...